We Strive to Provide our Clients Unmatched Personal Attention.


Miranda & Maldonado, PC we strive to fully meet each client’s litigation and other legal needs, we provide our clients with the personal attention every client deserves and take the time to fully understand each client’s business. Our breadth of experience and ability to understand each client’s business allows us to provide our clients with the high quality litigation and other legal services one would expect to receive only from a large law firm.

Commercial litigation can threaten the existence or continuation of a business. Its costs can be on the forefront of any business watching the bottom line, but in some cases, it is an expense that is necessary for continued operations and survivial. At Miranda & Manldonado, PC we strive to provide exceptional legal services in a cost effective approach. We consults with businesses to review practices and advise on litigation avoidance strategies. When the threat of a lawsuit is on the horizon, Miranda & Maldonado, PC can also be called upon to help contain the dispute in an attempt to avoid litigation. When litigation is required, our experienced trial attorneys will vigorously pursue our client’s interests, yet seek to minimize cost and expense through early resolution and alternative dispute resolution. If the matter does not proceed to trial, Miranda & Maldonado, PC is the tenacious advocate that will be on your side.

Miranda & Maldonado, P.C., takes a team approach collection and commercial litigation on behalf of our Clients. With favorable billing arrangements for collection matters, there are attorneys always aggressively pursuing your claims to maximize recovery.


  • Filing Petitions and Complaints in State and Federal Court to obtain money Judgments
  • Post-Judgment Collection of Final Judgments.
  • Petitions for Writ of Sequestration.
  • Petitions for Writ of Garnishment.
  • Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) and Permanent Injunctions.
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes.
  • Forcible Entry & Detainer (FED)/Evictions.
  • Petitions for Unpaid Rent.
  • Defense of Landlords from Tenant Claims and Counterclaims.

Practice Areas

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Immigration Law

Immigration Law 

Together, Mr. Miranda and Mr. Maldonado have represented individuals and multi-national companies before the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS), Immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”), the Immigration Courts for both detained and non-detained clients, before the Embassies and Consulates of the United States Department of State, as well as the United States Department of Labor (“DOL”).


Bankruptcy Law

Carlos A. Miranda, Esq. serves as the Managing Partner of the Bankruptcy Practice. We represent individuals, families and even small businesses in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13cases in the U.S. You are not alone. Many families and small businesses are suffering in these difficult economic times. We can help you get a new start.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

At Miranda & Maldonado, PC we are dedicated to providing aggressive and affordable business litigation services that meet the needs of clients whether the dispute is complex, simple, or anywhere in between. When it comes to business litigation, the services of a commercial litigation attorney provide a valuable benefit that can save businesses and entrepreneurs a great deal of time and money.

Every case is unique. We craft our approach to each case to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

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